A (very short) company history

Fear not math, fear God.

In the light of more and more unethical practices in Singapore’s educational publishing industry, and editorial ineptitude among industry players in the last decade, MathPlus Publishing was set up in 2010 to counter the malpractice that is so rampant in local publishing circles these days.

MathPlus Publishing is a Singapore-based Christian publishing company, run by ex-teachers, ex-editors, typesetters, and designers, who subscribe to the view that the means must justify the end—that the process is as important as, if not more than, the product. Some areas of compromising practices currently afflicting the industry are:

Robin Hood Publishing

Publishers rob authors to pay the salaries of incompetent or unethical editors and their managers.

Unlicenced Ghostwriting

In-house editors rehash contents of local authors, often without their permission, to churn out tailor-made titles for developing countries—where authors’ names are substituted by foreign genuine names, and the “new authors” contributing zero input to the revised editions.

Peter’s Principle 

Senior staff assume positions of authority, by resorting to scheming, lying, and cheating, before they are promoted to their next level of incompetency.

Overpaid Personnel

Unprofessional sales and marketing personnel behave like high-tech or overpaid delivery men and women, with little or no knowledge of the products they are promoting to schools and retails outlets.

Integrity is not an option.

MathPlus Publishing is managed by men and women who have a reverent fear for God—that one can win through ethical means. It wants to reverse the present situation, by treating writers, editors, designers, and illustrators well and fairly, and by paying them on time.

Singapore has a third-class local publishing industry in a first-class economy. — Anon

MathPlus Publishing wants to put God at the center of its publishing plan, so that it can publish affordable, quality titles which would benefit the community—that it is possible to be profitable through honesty and integrity. MathPlus Publishing aims to be a local publisher of choice, by leveraging on creativity and integrity to yield profitability.

MathPlus Publishing believes that “integrity publishing” is the vehicle that will make Singapore’s educational publishing first class in a first-class economy.

© MathPlus Publishing, 2019.

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